terça-feira, 18 de dezembro de 2012

Sufi Music Sheikh Ahmed Al Tuni 1

Live performance of Sheikh Ahmed Al Tuni at El Sawy CultureWheel - Cairo on 25 Ramadan 1430 - 15 September 2009. This clip was shot by Hend Abdullah. Al-Tuni is one of the last great Upper-Egyptian singers of the ritual and sacral repertoire who conduct the dhikr ritual (also zikr; remembrance) in the fresh and dusty starry nights of the Sahara, during which the divine name is repeated with special breathing techniques, leading all participants straight forward into a trance under the guidance of munshid. The master of ceremony is accompanied by a small formation of excellent musicians called takht: ruqq, duff, darabuka, qawal, kamanga and oud all preserve their individuality of expression and provide ornamented, modulated support or dialogue with the singing master.

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